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Emily Prins has done a little bit of everything, from film festival programming, to sketch comedy producing, to working on projects with PBS Digital Studios and an environmental nonprofit, to writing an ethical guide for student documentary filmmakers. What ties that all together? A passion for producing and editing digital content. She’s edited social media content for stand-up comedians, Patreon vlogs for actors, and multiple documentary short films, including her BFA thesis film Not Without a Trace which captures the community impact of a cold case from her Dad’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. When she’s not color-coding spreadsheets or compulsively hitting “save” on projects in Adobe Premiere or AVID Media Composer, you’ll probably find her hiking, writing, or making her favorite pistachio pesto recipe. Emily is available for freelance work, and you can contact by emailing her at or follow her on Instagram @prinsproductions.

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